Improving your organization’s financial performance
by gaining control of future healthcare costs.

By understanding that healthcare is a risk to be managed,
you can benefit from our risk-management approach.

Whether your organization is large or small, we can
help you design a healthcare program that reduces
costs and improves the quality of care.

Offering a broad range of quality and affordable health- insurance solutions, we’ll meet your health-benefits needs and stay within your budget.

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Lowering costs. Improving care.

At Risk Management Partners LLC (RMP), we stop the escalating costs of health insurance while improving the quality of healthcare programs. Utilizing an innovative risk-management approach, we help you reduce costs by proactively measuring and improving your healthcare programs.

As your consultant, RMP can help you take control of your costs by:

  • Looking beyond traditional solutions and approaches to health insurance coverage
  • Identifying and eliminating the waste in your current program
  • Helping you weigh the benefits of self-insurance versus purchased insurance
  • Developing a multi-year strategy to control costs.

How Much Can We Help YOU Save?

Try our calculator to see how much RMP can help your organization potentially save annually on healthcare expenditures!

Number of employees covered by healthcare insurance:
Estimated amount of yearly expense on healthcare:
Estimated dollars wasted on unnecessary, inappropriate, and poor-quality care*:
Projected 1st year impact on your bottom line:

*Pricewaterhouse Coopers "The Price of Excess", Institute of Medicine, Midwest Business Group on Health.

The Bottom Line

With RMP, you get more value for your healthcare dollars – spending less on your health insurance, without cutting benefits or limiting provider choice.

You can effectively control the rising costs of health insurance premiums. Find out how.

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