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David EdmanAs healthcare reform heats up, so too will our coverage. We continue to argue that the private sector should show our government how, rather than the other way around. This month's feature article talks about what an employer can do now to reduce costs and improve results.

We also address the proper role for government in healthcare reform. Medicare, the largest U.S. government-run program, is a financial train wreck. Why add more people to this program, or create a new, Medicare-like program? Small business and individuals should have access to health insurance like the current program for members of Congress and federal government employees – 'managed' competition between private insurance companies. To get high-quality healthcare at an appropriate cost or if you need help navigating the upcoming changes, give me a call at 610-975-4415.

  David Edman
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Control Healthcare Costs NowControl Healthcare Costs Now

Don't sit on your hands waiting for the government to reform healthcare. You and the healthcare plan you choose for your employees can limit costs with these five approaches:

  1.   Educate employees so they understand which healthcare facilities to use for treatment of minor and major ailments.
  2.   Institute co-pay incentives to encourage wise healthcare spending.
  3.   Consider choosing an HMO rather than a fee-for-service plan.
  4.   Seek value-based benefit plans that identify effective innovations and encourage patients to use them.
  5.   Promote wellness with education about healthy lifestyle choices.

For details on these and other tips on managing healthcare costs, read more.


Opinion: What Direction Should Government Take?

Fixing the healthcare system shouldn't end up harming the patient. Should Uncle Sam set payment rates for doctors and hospitals and cut the checks? Or should the government establish a level playing field for competition over cost and quality between private insurers, and then enforce the rules? Explore the pros and cons of various healthcare systems, and get answers to these tough questions. Read more.


Policy Update: Healthcare Policy Reform Is Hot!

Policy UpdateWashington lawmakers are hard at work on a variety of healthcare reform options. And, we've seen our share of commentary both for and against the reforms. That's why we've compiled a group of links covering different sides of the issue – from the impact of reform on small businesses and the uninsured, to how to understand and gauge the potential reform program costs.

Click here for our "must-read" links that will provide you with an overview of the state of reform discussions today.

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  David Edman Speaks Out on Healthcare Reform

On July 20, 2009, David Edman joined other regional healthcare leaders at a roundtable discussion organized by Congressman Jim Gerlach in Philadelphia, PA. Representing the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), Edman joined several hospital system CEOs, insurance company representatives, physicians, pharmaceutical executives, and other healthcare leaders in advising Congressman Gerlach on the Democratic Health Reform package that is expected to be voted on in the U.S. House of Representatives by month's end. Comments made by Edman are included in this month's Opinion: What Direction Should Government Take?

Health Tip
  The Most Important Meal of the Day.  If you made a resolution to improve your health this year, one change is recommended: eat breakfast. As you head out the door, eating something with protein and whole grains will raise your metabolism, help you feel full later in the day and improve your thinking during the morning. Eggs, low-sugar cereals, natural peanut butter and dairy products are just some options to consider. Start your day with "high test" fuel and feel the difference! Read more.  


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